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9 Reason Your Horse Deserves an Equine Solarium:

1) Reduces Injury
2) Relief from sore muscles
3) Decreased recovery time
4) Improved skin and coat condition
5) Increased blood and oxygen supply
6) Strengthened immune system
7) Promotes relaxation
8) Increases fertility
9) Fast muscle recovery

You wouldn`t go work out at the gym or run a marathon without stretching and warming our muscles up, why would you expect your horse to do the same?

Which horses will benefit from a Solarium Treatment?

An equine solarium is a form of infrared therapy suitable for all horses.

Your horse will see major benefits whether it’s for your competitions mount to the beloved retired partner you share so many memories with.

How Does an Equine Solarium Work?

The infrared heat from the solarium penetrates the skin into the underlying muscle and generates a form of energy that increases metabolic activity, causing capillary dilation to occur. When this happens the blood flow is increased bringing increased oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

The process also stimulates metabolism for improved digestion and promotes the killing of pathogens and parasites that cause your horse to get sick. You will find your equine partner’s muscle elasticity improves which helps recovery from exercise and decreases the risk of Injury. 

The increased circulation allows blood sugars to be absorbed more quickly and speeds up the elimination of waste products such as Lactic Acid, a leading  cause of muscle soreness and tying up.


Want to take the next step?

If you are looking for something that will benefit not just one of your horses but all of them, a solarium is your winning ticket! Treat your loved horse with a day at the spa, everyday, in your own barn! 

Competitive Edge Equine Solarium is a proud sponsor
of  Professional Barrel Racer Carman Pozzobon

“Asking them for 100% is easier when they feel 100%”

What our happy customers have to say:

” As an equine therapist my solarium goes hand in hand with what I do. From riding to adjusting I use it for all my needs! My solarium is such an important part of my routine before I adjust any of my horses, they go under my lights for 30 minutes. This makes manipulating easy and comfortable for them as well as makes for longer lasting results. I use my solarium after every jackpot to keep my horse’s muscles feeling their best. It’s easy and convenient to use and always makes my horses feel their complete best! Our rope horses all enjoy the solarium as well we use it for our everyday equine needs and love the results. “

Meg Sparrow

MLS Animal Therapy


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